Inner Child Healing Course Info

What is Inner Child Healing?

Inner Child Healing is one of the greatest forms of self care you can gift yourself.

It’s like this hidden secret that unlocks an astonishing roadmap to yourself that you never knew existed! And with this hidden map you hold the key to becoming more ‘you‘ than ever before. 

Inner Child Healing walks you through specific memories, experiences, and visualizations associated with your childhood. These restricted memories, experiences, and visualizations give you full access to who you really are. They teach you about your current dreams, your hopes, and your fears.  It is an insanely eye-opening experience for anyone who is looking to improve their current life. 

Inner Child Healing


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What Should I Expect in The Course?

Be prepared to get to know yourself on a deeper level than ever before and the possibility of having multiple personal breakthroughs in areas you wouldn’t even expect. 

Hannah E. Scott’s course walks you through 12 incredible online sessions of Inner Child Healing. This is a powerful self journey that will help you feel more at peace with the woman you are today. This peace extends to not only the way you look, act, and feel, but also to the person you want to become.

This workshop is a private, safe place for you to process emotions and experiences of all kinds.  Hannah’s process has been tested with proven positive results, so you have nothing to worry about. Questions are encouraged along the way. 

Spots are Limited.

Inner Child Healing helps you:

  • Anxiety and daily stress management
  • Break down mental blocks
  • Stop habits of going until you drop
  • Expose hidden fears of failure and being unlovable
  • Accepting past, present, and future
  • Setting boundaries
  • Build actual trust and lasting friendships
  • Have better self-image 
  • Know you are doing enough
  • Understanding your emotions and natural reactions
  • Achieving goals you currently can’t seem to reach
  • Heal from trauma
  • Have confidence in the person you are today, your morals, and daily decisions 

What Hannah's clients say

"I started Hannah's inner child healing in November 2020. I was so scared and anxious at first to dive into my inner child past. I texted Hannah and she called me immediately and calmed my anxiety instantly. The sessions were very helpful in helping me recognize where my weaknesses come from, and how to help my inner child heal. The FB group helped to see others struggle with the same issues and gave me support. Hannah has become a personal friend. She sincerely cares how I am doing in my daily life. I will forever be grateful for inner child healing by Hannah."
Julie Ford DePriest

Inner Child Healing


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Everyone can benefit from Inner Child Work. Those who benefit most are those who are craving growth or have a curiosity about themselves. 

This workshop is self lead which means you can go as fast or as slow as you would like. There are no time constraints and you have lifetime access.

Absolutely not. The average Inner Child Healing workshops range from $200-450. 

Your Inner Child Workshop  with Hannah is only $125 which breaks down to only $10.41 per session. 

That’s a steal. 

Absolutely. Every exercise and visualization has specifically been created so that you are able  complete it with or without the purchase of a doll. 

You may sign up for the Workshop even if you don’t purchase a doll.

Your beautiful self of course! And if you would like, a journal and your inner child doll if you decided to purchase one.