Who Is Hannah?

Hey Beautiful friend,

Me cheesing while walking in my tiny beach town

My name is Hannah E. Scott.

And I’m here to help change your life. 

I set out to make a difference in this world one person at a time. 

For a very long time, I believed that I would amount to nothing. That maybe the world was better off without me. I felt lost and scared as my trauma and poor health threatened to swallow me whole.

But years later I now tell a story of triumph over trauma . Bed ridden to walking. Feeling lost to confidence in my role as a mom and business owner. From having a negative bank account to over 1k in a day. 

Most days I feel like a walking miracle. But I know it all happened so I could help you. 


I now get to help you conquer the inner self doubt fear, trauma, overwhelm, lack of confidence, defeat, and more. You were made for more. 

I give you that story of triumph you’ve been hoping for. 

With love, strategy, and action you can overcome even the tallest mountains and baggage you’ve been carrying since childhood.  

My coaching for you is psychology-based with a flare of relatable personal experience and passion. I’m not fancy. I meet clients on the beach,  in coffee shops, over drinks, in your home, and over the phone.

 I meet you in your cozy spot, help you finally reach your goals, and Boom! In a matter of weeks your life starts to shift.  

Look at the numbers Yourself

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Adults currently struggling with stress that has turned into anxiety in the U.S.

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How many people does it take to make a difference?

Because we are friends now, let me show you some of my baby pictures that I found in an old shoe box a few weeks ago! 

Work One on One with Me

i'm new here

Hannah doesn't want you to waste you money or time.
So now you can save both by setting up a mini session! This is a 30-min call for newbies to discuss your goals and make sure life coaching is right for you.


Let's be real, you are a complex unique human being and it takes more than an hour to get to know you.
That's why your first session gets special attention.
You talk goals, dreams, and the life you want.
Next you receive a series of personality tests.
Then Hannah personalizes your road map to success.

take Action

This is the best part. It's where you grow, but you don't do it alone. Hannah realized that community is key is growth and success and she does not take this concept lightly. With your roadmap, you will also get a guide so to say. With Hannah Eliza, you get weekly check ins, encouragement, hacks, and accountability on a weekly basis.