Hey Beautiful friend,

Me cheesing while walking in my tiny beach town

My name is Hannah E. Scott.

I am a Joy Alignment Strategist who helps you re-find joy in your life.

You know that child-like sparkle and laughter that you wish you had? That’s what I help bring back for you.  I help you laugh, twirl, and be your genuine self without reserve. 

Here’s my story:

A few years, I was hit by traumatic illness that derailed my life. It left me mostly bedridden. I was a new mom and everything I hoped for came crashing down. 

I lost myself in the abyss of life and chaos. Our family lived in fear. I focused on the pain and loss. I lost my job, friends, purpose, physical ability, mental capacity, and joy. 

After lots of tears and heart ache, God finally said, “Enough is enough!” 

I looked at the sad pit my life had become and decided it was time to stop.

As a family, we to chose focus on our joy. And that’s when it all changed for me.  I wanted to be someone my daughters looked up to in sickness or in health. I wanted to not be scared of making friends despite the way I looked. I wanted to have a peaceful, happy home and work in a career I loved. I wanted to be so much more than the person I had become. 

So that’s what I did. 

My sweet baby girls, Nola and AnaB

What I learned is that a life of joy was not the easy route. It took time and it took energy. But it is worth every second. I found that living in my purpose made all my goals easier to accomplish. It was easier to find friends, to take care of my family, and I felt happy all around. It even made disappointment hurt less.

I knew I had to do more in the world with what I had learned. I needed to tell people the truth. That YOU ARE ENOUGH. That it’s okay to stop searching and finally be. This is how Hannah Eliza Consulting came about. 

To remind you that you are enough and joy is possible through whatever circumstance life throws at you. 

Me trying to do something pretty with my hair again at our little local beach

What Sets My Coaching Apart

I have met with therapists and coaches around the U.S., but I was always left wanting more.

With therapy, I always felt like it was a too formal for me to really be comfortable. With life coaching, I felt like things were never organized enough which made me anxious. 

And I needed more than to simply vent for an hour, I needed accountability. I needed someone to help me create a map to success.   

What I needed was a professional, yet easy going accountability partner. I found it extremely hard to find such a thing at the time. 

So years later after lots of healing , that’s what I bring to you.

I tell you that you are Enough as you are. I stay professional while being my easy, going self for you. I help you take charge in your life.   

Hannah Eliza Consulting is a place where you can find a friend, mentor, and accountability partner.

You will learn how to see joy in the little things while managing the big, messy parts of life. You can do this. 

Love your friend,

Hannah E. Scott

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How many people does it take to make a difference?

Because we are friends now, let me show you some of my baby pictures that I found in an old shoe box a few weeks ago! 

Work One on One with Me


The first steps is getting to know you. You will get to take a series of questionnaires to help you learn your focus points. This part of the process includes you first Discovery Call. During a discovery call, you get to tell Hannah everything you want to about your current struggles. Hannah phone line is a safe place with listening ears.


Next we create your road map to success and healing. You are given personalized tools that help you defeat your giants. And the best part of this is, your tools are personalized based on your questionnaires and Strategy Session. Hannah strives to only give you tools that are proven to work and backed up by science.


This is the best part. It's where you grow, but you don't do it alone. Hannah realized that community is key is growth and success and she does not take this concept lightly. With your roadmap, you will also get a guide so to say. With Hannah Eliza, you get weekly check ins, encouragement, hacks, and accountability on a weekly basis.